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Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is a program of the National Rifle Association of America (www.nra.org) and is recognized as the most comprehensive youth hunting program any where in North America.

It is an outdoor skills and safety training program for young hunters and is open only to those who have graduated from hunter safety training at the state or provincial level.  Because events are conducted in simulated hunting conditions, YHEC provides the best test of a young hunter’s skills short of an actual situation afield.

This training ensures the future of the American hunting tradition as a safe, viable recreational activity the entire family can enjoy.

Though participants are scored and ranked in all YHEC events, the program’s competitive edge is diminished as the real “challenge” focuses on personal improvement. Thus all youth who participant in a state YHEC program have the opportunity to participate in the annual NRA International YEHC event.

Participants are involved in hands on training in eight different disciples; four shooting events and four responsibility events.

Shooting events include:  Muzzleloading, .22 Field Rifle, Shotgun and Archery.

Responsibility events include: Hunter’s Safety Exam, Hunter’s Safety Trail, Orienteering and Wildlife Identification.

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